Undoubtedly, hair loss seems to be one of the most unpleasant health related issues. Thanks to the constant research there are few good products available in the market to cure hair loss. Among those very few the popular Minoxidil seems to be the most effective product for treating hair loss for men as well as women. According to shampoo with its main ingredient Minoxidil, is known to be the most tested and used for treating of thinning hair. For more details, readers can also browse and find the real benefits of Minoxidil combination. There are many prominent brands of shampoo to introduce Minoxidil in the foam version.

Minoxidil- Solution and Foam

Minoxidil is readily available on the market, and one can buy it without any prescription from the medical experts. This product can be used by men as well women. It comes with various strength such as 2% and 5% solution that respectively can be used by men and women. This solution can be easily applied on the scalp. One has to apply regularly as prescribed for four months to get the desired results. One need not worry about the hair loss during this treatment period.

Minoxidil solution has to be massaged into the scalp areas without hair. This needs to be continued for months. The user has to be patient for the results. They begin to show only after months. There is nothing to worry even if there is an initial hair loss. Presently it is gaining popularity among many people across the world. Moreover, when applied the solution never leave the hair greasy. For men, this solution has to be used twice a day and for women once a day. In both the cases, the foam has a success rate of over eighty percent.

Know the real USP

The real USP of Minoxidil over the liquid is the time taken for drying, and the foam takes less than half a time of the liquid. Though the foam type is a bit expensive, it is still a worthy choice conspiring the time taken for drying. Here one needs to know that there have been cases, where the medicines and other cheap hair loss products have caused many side-effects, and the individual’s hair falls only increased. So it is necessary to do research and purchase products based on reviews.

Owing to fewer side effects, many people prefer to use Minoxidil solution over other products. Minoxidil is cheap to buy and easy to apply on your hair. You just have to apply it for four months to see the results. When you use it for eight months, the actual results can be witnessed. Few people might try to apply more of the solution, hoping that hair loss can stop faster, but that is not true. One can also buy Minoxidil products through reputed online stores. It is suggested buyers need to read the reviews on the web before buying this great hair loss product. People of lately do not shy away from writing negative and positive reviews through different forums, so do a proper research before finalizing the best brand.