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Samt Yar Salamat


LEILA MOSTOFI,Registered certified midwife, master of psychology from PNU,

SAMT -VMC manager ,SYS health tourism owner and General Manager ,

is one of  top 20 Alborz  physician .appreciated by Alborz Medical Council .2014 September

Leila Mostofi has published  many  article a bout natural spontaneous birth, worked in Sarem hospital water birth project and is ont the most famous obstetrics and  gynecology centers in Tehran and Karaj,

Leila Mostofi is establisher of Vesal Mom Center ,one of the most modern and facilitated mother and midwifery care centers,

she is one the most experienced managers in abroad of Iran and Persian gulf countries ,

she is certified by University of South of Australia for midwifery student training in Dubai,

Leila Mostofi graduated Gallilio Core System from Emirates Aviation College and has work experience as general manager of Relax Travel and Tourism in Ajman – UAE and Operation manager of Relax travel and tourism section in Relax business Center -Dubai- UAE

Leila is cooperating with media maternity and birth  education programs in UAE (Dubai media-Mersi program) and – Iran (IRIB2- IRIB5- ALBORZ- AND RADIO DANESH )

She is educator and trainer of medical sectors of  SAMT Travel  medical intership in Tblisi- Georgia

Leila is educator of Iran scientific midwifery association- Alborz midwifery association and Alborz medical university- Shahid Beheshti medical university physiologic birth course and senior of water birth educator and physiologic birth trainer in Sajjad Hospital-Parsa hospital- Kasra hospital and Sarem hospitals ,Tehran ,Iran

she is operating many projects in maternal classes and birth in different hospitals in Tehran ,

she has many published articles in governmental newsletter and magazines,tehran-karaj – Iran

she is aquanatal trainer and senior of maternal exercises and aquanatal exercises  in addition is piloting her group as a very expert maternal care staffs

She is member of Iran sport medicine in special field of prenatal exercises

she is launching relation therapy clinic in SAMT- VMC  ,FOR SE X -UAL DISORDERS AND SE X-UAL DYSFUNCTIONS TREATMENTS





SAMT-VMC Article in Sepehr Alborz magazine

Posted by: Leila Mostofi on: 21 Dec 2014

Article published on Sepehr Alborz  governmental monthly magazine ,no  December 2014 ,

Article is regards prenatal massage and its importance during pregnancy and birth,

written by Leila Mostofi, specialist Registered Certified Midwife and SAMT- VMC manager


SAMT-VMC prenatal class show in IRIB2

Posted by: Leila Mostofi on: 20 Dec 2014

SAMT-VMC  prenatal class on 4 December 2014

IRIB2 records last SAMT-VMC  prenatal class as an  successful midwifery center in Tehran  and Karaj,which has high customer satisfaction rate between midwifery centers

lecturer :Dr Ahmadi(Paediatrition)-Leila Mostofi(samt-vmc manager ),Maryam Nadery(aquanatal trainer)

IMG_6360 IMG_6355 IMG_6351IMG_6280IMG_6272IMG_6273



Posted by: Leila Mostofi on: 19 Dec 2014

Leila Mostofi ,conducted water birth for IRIB2 channel,

25 th November,,Parsa hospital,Tehran,IRAN


BABY BOY,4 kg .First pregnancy of Mother ,


SAMT VMC manager interview in IRIB2

Posted by: Leila Mostofi on: 23 Nov 2014

Leila Mostofi ,SAMT VMC owner, establisher and general manager, had TV show on pregnancy magazine program in IRIB2,20 Nov 2014

1416481203_majale-bardari-4 1416481282_majale-bardari-1 subject :breathings techniques for birth and prenatal exercises for maternal care and birth in this show prenatal exercise trainer ,Maryam Mostofi demonstrated breathing techniques and explained different methods of exercise in pregnancy such as prenatal  Yuga,Pilates and water, aqua natal .pregnancy belly dance  which are operating in SAMT _ VMC prenatal cares, contact number:+98-9128664008 Skype :LE MO

Third SAMT Intership registration

Posted by: Leila Mostofi on: 23 Nov 2014


Third physiologic birth internship registration started

7 February 2015 till 17 feb 2015

tblisi ,Georgia.

for more information contact us:+98-9128664008

Skype:LE MO



Posted by: sysadmin on: 07 Nov 2014

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